Day 2 - How did you learn to put on makeup?

January 11, 2013


Down to Day 2 of my challenge and the question above how did I learn to put on makeup?

Well, I guess I have had shared my take on when I started putting make up on my face.
I cannot really remember the exact date that I was able to put make up on my face I just started with some lipgloss and face powder and that was just about it.

I think, my girl cousins first introduced my entire teenage days to make up =).
They were a bit older than me so I got the chance to see how they applied those make up on their pretty faces.

When I started college there I came around applying some lipstick and mascara from time to time.
I think that is about it.

How about you? How did learn about putting on makeup?
Do Share.

till then!



  1. sis mukang kina career mo ung Milnamania of the month ko ah? hahaha.. nagpost na ako ng isang request mo :D

  2. hi sis! thanks for answering all of my questions!
    nag comment2 lang ako sa posts mo dati naman akong nag babasa ng blog mo di lang ako nag post ng comment..:)


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