Wedding Re-Post: Bride Mantra

December 26, 2013

I came across this on pinterest and i am so loving this mantra. This is really so true.
preparing for a wedding is not easy but stress it out and just focus on the sole purpose and heart of the ceremony. =)


  1. Oh I so love this, really!! My husband and I got married at the Hall of Justice, apparently it was a civil wedding and we only have very few guests. :)

  2. mine too. it was a civil wedding but we're now finalizing the date for our church wedding, so this would be a perfect article to read everyday until that happens! haha! lovely blog you have here!


  3. oh! i wish i came across this five years ago :) i was the DIY-er bride. hehe. there is no perfect wedding, even the most expensive ones are not perfect. what matters most is the man standing beside you in front of the altar. a wedding is just the beginning of the journey!



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